15 Nov

The deployment and implementation of an effective parking management system in any business is one of the key factors contributing to a more positive return on investment (ROMI) for the company. A parking management system involves the implementation of technology which not only helps to cut the costs incurred for maintaining a parking facility, but also provides a clear and distinct value proposition. The parking management system is used to control the parking rates, increase the revenue earning through parking fees, attract customers to use the parking facility, manage the parking facility effectively, as well improve the customer's experience while using the facility. Parking management systems help in improving the profitability of your parking facility.

The various parking management system tools include the software, hardware, and networks that are required to make your parking management system work effectively. Parking software is used for all aspects related to a parking facility. Some of the features it offers include vehicle inventory control, reservation tracking, pay and display of parking fees, electronic payment processing, real-time communication with the users, management of accounts, billing options, e-ticketing, and many other related functions. The control system allows you to decide how and when to charge your clients for parking using different methods such as meter, card, or ticket. There are also advanced features such as automated off-site collection and pickup of vehicles, which are useful for increasing your customer base and increasing your revenue.

The various components of the parking management system include the software, hardware, and networks required to implement an effective parking management system. The software is used for inventory control, scheduling of users, billing of parking fees, collection of payments, emergency dispatch of emergency vehicles, and other related tasks. The hardware includes computer based components which may include scanners, video cameras, printers, and keyboards. Networks include local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), internal network, wireless network, and the Internet.
Real-time reporting and real-time updates are essential for any parking management systems. Most of the time, parking facilities have large parking lots which need monitoring in the event of a mechanical breakdown. For this purpose, the network must be able to send the alerts to a centralized control station, where technicians will receive the information within a few minutes. Most of the time, a call center will be linked with the control station for further assistance and clarification on the matter. Other features that need to be integrated with your parking facility management systems are online management, real-time billing, and the provision of emergency services.

Automatic On Street Management: Most of the parking management systems out there have integrated on street parking meters. These meters allow the users to pay for their parking space irrespective of whether they parked their vehicle. This way, parking facilities are not losing money due to unpaid parking meters. This also allows the management to reduce their operational costs. Thus, you will not only have more revenue from on street parking but you will also find it easier to increase your revenue base.

The Parking Control System has many benefits to offer to its clients. Apart from its convenience to your clients and employees, you also stand to gain from the system's ability to detect potential problems such as faulty power/electronic parts, low battery levels, etc. In order to make use of all the features and advantages offered by your parking management system, make sure you get the right software installed. Most companies prefer to go for compatible parking protocols since these protocols make use of the same technology to detect and prevent issues with on street parking.  Check out this post for more details related to this article: https://www.encyclopedia.com/books/politics-and-business-magazines/central-parking-corporation.

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